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Since the emergence of Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) there has been a steady improvement in the efficiency of these lights, where initially they were not so energy efficient, they have now superseded expectations in their performance. LEDs are what Africa needs at a time when energy usage is at the helm of every discussion. These lights are however a magical solution to lighting in the sense that they are applicable to every industry.
They allow light designing in ways that were previously unimaginable for a tool such as this that will simultaneously save a company money while still giving sophistication. Now, even a factory can afford to have an inspiring environment without breaking the budget for years to come; who would have thought that a simple thing such as lighting could improve the morale of staff and customers, thus increasing staff output and customer confidence in that company’s brand? So for the companies that ask themselves, what’s in it for me? LED lighting came up with a solution to benefit both the environment and the corporates that are investing their resources into this industry. Techsafe Energy International was established in the year 2014, as a subsidiary of M&D Holdings a South African 100%black-owned investment firm with a strategic focus in multiple sectors–ranging from engineering infrastructure to logistics and from ICT to mining.

Founded on the hallmarks of Quality, Competitive Pricing, and Excellent Service Delivery; TechsafeEnergy International instills these fundamental principles in everything we do. Techsafe Energy International also offers Electrical Engineering Consulting and Project Management. Our commitment to customer service excellence means we are always evolving, investing in improving our processes and adapting to the changing market and our clients’ needs.

Earn the title of favorite national brand for providing meaningful solutions to essential energy needs in our country and continent that enrich the well being of communities on a national scale.
OUR mission
To offer cutting edge, relevant and sustainable technological solutions that ultimately enrich customers and communities we serve, by providing the highest quality products and personalized services that exceed global standard of excellence consistently
OUR values
  • Accountability to employees and shareholders
  • Business growth
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Non-discrimination and equal opportunities
  • Fairness and honesty in stakeholder interaction
  • Service excellence, creating an exceptional place in which to work and do business
  • People are at the heart of our business, and we believe in relationships and partnerships to create success
  • We operate with integrity and diligence
  • Our reputation for delivery is as important as our focus on business ethics
  • We are proactive, and we respond to our customer’s needs with the adaptability and flexibilitythat makes us unique and valued
Stretching the traditional model beyond just PRODUCT & SERVICE


An introduction to energy efficiency solutions.


An introduced Systematically evaluate the company’s existing energy consumption, to identify the potential energy savings and report findings.


Many corporates are unaware of the importance of energy efficiency from a climate change perspective; and those that know are not sure what to do or how much action to take. Speaking specifically about LEDs, corporate leaders don’t fully perceive the impact that well-designed LEDs can have on their staff morale and the improved image of the corporate culture it sends to their clients, thus automatically increasing their revenues on all possible fronts. We would therefore educate corporates to promote energy efficiency to achieve a healthier economy, a cleaner environment, and greater energy security.


Implementation takes commitment, energy, time, enthusiasm, and imagination. Promotion of the program launch would be done at least two to four weeks in advance by using posters, newsletters, and other communication tools. A detailed schedule for the timing and delivery would be presented


Tax incentives are being introduced for businesses that can show measurable energy savings Section12L incentives include all energy efficiency projects that reduce energy use and are claimable until 2020. The expected tax relief would be a 45 cents deduction on taxable income per kilowatt-hour of energy saved. Savings on the electricity bill will be demonstrated per corporate entity once an audit has been done to show what should be expected to be observed in savings as a direct result of the solution that is proposed
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